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The World Of Eco-Friendly Garment Care Solution

GUARDINI introduces to you, specialized garment care solutions for your special garments. At Guardini we understand the importance of your treasured possessions and we have developed garment care solutions which would make your garment adorn a smile every time it comes to us.

In the world of high fashion, craftsmanship, fabric and trim of inimitable quality reign supreme. Garments hailing from the fashion houses of acclaimed couturiers are not simply to serve practical purposes - they bedeck the individual with unique expressions of impeccable taste and exceptional character.

Without a doubt, such investments should be lavished with the meticulous care that only we can provide. Our patented state-of-the-art processes and expertise are specially designed to maintain and restore their pristine beauty, using eco-friendly-sound techniques that may be more effective than the traditional alternative. The essence of every fibre of your garment is protected, from the delicate fabric to the exquisite trims and needlecraft.

Every garment is valuable and treated with the intimate consideration it deserves. After thoroughly removing each visible and invisible stain, all traces of soil are eliminated. Once a close inspection ensures the garment is completely cleaned, buttons are replaced using similar sewing methods of the fabricator, minor repairs are performed as advised and it is steam pressed. The garment is scrutinized for a final inspection and then placed into protective packaging to preserve its immaculate condition.

We are proud to provide the highest quality care for all your valued brands.

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