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Bridal Lehenga

High Quality Dry Cleaning services in DelhiYou’ve probably been dreaming of that perfect wedding dress, ever since you were a little girl, and now that you’ve had the once in a lifetime chance to pick one for yourself, we’re sure you’d never want to part from it! After all it is a keepsake that will remind you of the most special day of your life, not just today, but for all the years that lie ahead of you!

Be it a sparkling white gown or the magnificent ethnic lehenga, we at Guardini understand the unmatchable significance that your wedding dress holds for you! And, it is only because of this ability to perceive your treasure as our own, have we attained the position of the best in business. We offer high-end services to clean and restore your bridal attire, such that you can preserve it, unharmed, for years to come.

At our immaculate facility, your dress undergoes an advanced cleaning process, where our skilful professionals hand-clean the ensemble, taking extreme care to expunge all kinds of stains in a gentle and non-damaging manner to preserve the delicate quality of every single fibre.

The technical proficiency with respect to the fine fabric care helps our team to ensure that even the most baroque of the trims is thoroughly cleaned and protected. We apply techniques that are highly specialized for extravagant beadwork, pearls, jewels or sequins, so that your dress comes out as magnificent as new. And we do not stand satisfied at this, we go a step further to recondition any unwanted tears, hanging hems, buttons or beads that are amiss and any other visible damage, so that your wedding couture never witnesses a dull moment.

Once your exquisite ensemble has been taken care of, it is then lightly folded amidst a soft bed of tissue paper to prevent wrinkling and chaffing of its gilded work and delicate fabric. Consequently, it is placed into a lehenga box designed precisely with the intention of preserving the immaculate essence of your treasured possession, your wedding dress!

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