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frequently asked questions

Guardini initiates garment cleaning in automatic mahine using perc.* Perchloroethylene when used in an automatic machine gets recycled & the residue of it is evaporated into the environment the least minimal thus makes the process environment friendly.

Furthermore, we undertake wet cleaning which is highly effective for majority of "dry clean only" garments safely, including most tailored woolens, silk, and rayon. Using biodegradable cleaning agents where the computer-controlled dryers and stretching machines ensure that the fabric retains its natural size and shape.

Therefore the combinations of these two processes cleans the garment in the most eco-friendly manner.

Our procedure of cleaning the garments is eco-friendly, we are using polythene only as the packaging material. Also, we recycle the packing material for this we have placed the recycle bin at all over outlets at which you can give your used hangers, covers or woven carry bags or the poly packing material.

Yes, our rates are higher and its because of we do a customized dry cleaning of your garments. We make sure that at the time of cleaning your garments are never mixed with any other customers’ garments due to which for taking special care we some time take extra time to ensure perfect quality.

No, today’s fashion does not allow us to stand any guarantee for the stains. Garments with stains are taken on customers’ risk. To give any trial for the removal of the stains its important to know the age of the stain, the fabric and any other efforts if made at home to get rid of them. There a wide range in fabric and today’s fashionable garments are mostly mixed with various other types of fabric. Hence it is difficult for any dry cleaner to assure for the removal of the stains until and unless we do a test on it. So we are there to give try to your stains without damaging it as you can wear the garment with stain but not if DAMAGED!

Yes, we have express services. The charges for the express delivery services for same day is 100% extra and next day 50% extra of the total amounts.

Suede is breathable, gentle and versatile. It is also known for being notoriously difficult to clean. Suede is a leather product, derived from the underside of the animal hides. The top layer of the skin has been gently sanded down until a soft, textured touch is achieved. This is called the nap of the material. This process makes suede is a lot less tough than ordinary leather .Improper care or cleaning can crack and dry leather skin, removes finishes and colors, or make it too stiff to wear. Leather and suede has to keep away from chemicals, heat and humidity. Also, the age of the leather or suede is important.

Yes we dry clean suede shoes, hand bags and boots, belts, wallets etc. depending upon the physical condition of the item.

Exclusively we do a customized dry cleaning of the garments booked. A customer’ garments are never mixed with any other customer’ garments. Also our dry cleaning is smell free and harmless to the skin as well.

Our minds are set that if we are asked to take care of white garments one would use bleach. But the truth is that bleach is known to cause damage to the fabric . In case of not properly neutralized it ends up in tearing the fabric. Moreover, there are certain health issues as well & has the potential for harmful chemical reactions, releasing toxins into the air and water, and is dangerous to pets, kids and the environment. Stained white clothing should be treated for stains immediately and, unless indicated always use cold water to treat them, as hot water will make the stain set faster. Hot water should only be used on clothes that are dingy or have been stained for a long time.

Temperature is very major factor for change of color. Specific garments require specific temperature and cleaning steps. We take care of such measures at the time of handling the garments which includes cycle, time and temperature.

For colored linen garments the colored dyes shows reaction in dry cleaning process, therefore, considering the recommended process mentioned on the garment we do the needful.

The high value branded garments are titled as special as separate handling and processing is required for the garments. All the valued expensive garments require extra special care for their care hence been categorized accordingly.

Express delivery has to be charged extra because the pick n drop from the plant is done specially for that particular bill which adds extra cost to the cycle.

We apology for the hassle but the fact is that when a fabric is with stains we handle that particular garment with utmost care. When the garment is delivered to the customer we here by take customer’ permission to give a second treatment to the garment, that’s because of security care instructions we need customer’ acknowledgement for the second processing.

Yes we have recycling procedure for almost maximum products of ours. We have recycling bins at our outlets where in a customer can put its unused poly packaging, hangers, quilt covers, sari cover & suit covers etc. Also they can return the cardboards and butter paper used for packing. We recycle all these items by handing over these products to respective companies for recycling. Also we pack the garments as per customer’ requirement hence there is least wastage.

Starch is best suitable only for pure cotton garments esp. sari, shirts, kurta, trouser, skirt and dupatta.

We are proud to provide the highest quality care for all your valued brands.

*These brands are used For Reference only