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Fine rugs and Persian carpets

The world has known the love for Persian carpets for centuries now. They are not just possessions, they are invaluable pieces of art which need to be restored & taken care of. We at GUARDINI offer you state of the art carpet care solution. The process goes through three tier washing and is finished with a softner treatment to give your carpets the luster & rich look that you want. From hand knotted, tufted, shaggy, silk & jute floor coverings to pashmina, jamawar, kaani shawls to give luster & rich look that you want.

GUARDINI is also a solution to your rugs & carpets for repairing, filling edging and jhallar repair.

Precious rugs are timeless works of art with a practical purpose - stomped on indeed, but not to be neglected. Any connoisseur knows that daily wear and tear actually enhances the beauty of a fine hand woven rug, whether new or vintage. But with neglect, layers of dirt and soil can quickly corrupt its resilience.

The rug cleaning services preferred by GUARDINI are second to none. Our professionals are sensitive to the exacting requirements of the world's finest carpets, maintaining and restoring their exquisiteness and original color right down to every fiber - so that they are clean and allergen-free, ready to bestow their warmth and comfort.

We are proud to provide the highest quality care for all your valued brands.

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