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Garment Advise

Chemical Free Dry Cleaning Services Fabric Care:

Chemical Free Dry Cleaning ServicesGarments, especially the ones made up of leather and suede need extra care so that they can last long. Hence, they should always be stored in a closet which is cool and ventilated, however, these garments should be kept away from moisture at all costs. These garments are best covered with a washed white muslin cloth. In addition, supple leather garments should be laid flat and padded well with white tissue in order to retain their original form.

Clothes made of rayon should ideally be stored. However, if need be these garments can be hung when padded with white tissue and carefully covered with white muslin.

In order to avoid any permanent creasing, linen garments should always be rolled for storage.

Knitted as well as silk fabrics should always be stored flat. If you feel you must hang these garments, be sure to pad them well with white tissue along with covering the same with white muslin.

Garments made of metallic fabric tend to stick, get creased and even torn in some cases. Hence, these garments should be rolled with clean, white muslin or tissue paper separating each layer.

Fur garments ought to be stored in a cool, dark place. However it is highly advisable to store these precious articles of clothing in a professional storage.

Wool should be thoroughly cleaned before storage. Also, moth balls should be used to avoid any unwanted damage to the clothes.

Chemical Free Dry Cleaning Services Storage Tips:

Chemical Free Dry Cleaning ServicesWhen storing garments, it is always helpful to use a chemical desiccant, such as calcium chloride or silica gel which absorbs moisture and prevents mildew. However, it is important to see that the desiccant doesn’t get in direct contact with the garments.

A good way to reduce dampness in closets is to tie a few chalk-pieces together and hang them from a support post or from the ceiling.

Always ensure that your wardrobes are amply ventilated and yet remain cool and dry at all times of the year. Please note that extreme temperatures can have a damaging effect on your clothes.

Make sure that your garments are efficiently stacked, so that proper air circulation can be maintained. Also, do not use fabric finish or starch on garments that need to be stashed away for a longer period of time.

Protect your clothes and apparel from wood acid by lining your dresser drawers with dry shelf paper or quilted fabric. Avoid using wallpaper remnants or gummed shelf paper for this purpose, as the back of such papers may attract insects causing unwanted damage to your clothes.

Always ensure that your garments are clean before being stored. Insects are attracted to spilled drinks, food and even perspiration that might be lingering around. Also, store your outfits in an area that is dark and clean, in order to avoid insects.

Place moth balls in an old sock and then keep them in your wardrobe to ensure that they don’t touch the garments. In case you wish to use moth crystals, put them on the adhesive backing of duct tape and hang them in the storage area.

Chemical Free Dry Cleaning Services Wool Care

Chemical Free Dry Cleaning ServicesWear a cotton shirt under your sweater. This prevents body oils and sweat from penetrating the fibres of your sweater. Also, be a little cautious when you put on your sweater. Try not to pull on the sleeves, as this might stretch the sweater permanently leaving it out of shape. Push up the sleeves while working on your desk, so that you can avoid catching any dirt on them. Make sure your purse strap does not rub against the shoulder of your sweater, as this will pull and pick the weave. In addition, don’t allow velcro, such as on a bag or coat, to come in contact with your sweater as this will have an instant, disastrous effect!

Always remember this one simple rule for sweaters, “The less you wash, the better”. However, when you need to was them, avoid putting them in the washing machine. Always hand wash them by filling a sink with cold water, adding a small amount of detergent specially formulated for “delicates,” and gently soaking the sweater. Make sure your scrub off any deodorant remains from the sweater.

When putting your washed sweater to dry, make sure that you can find a place to lay the sweater flat, preferably on a towel over a ventilated surface. Barring this lay your sweater on a towel on a water-proof floor and change the towel frequently, flipping the sweater so that it does not lay too long it its own moisture and dries evenly. In any case, don’t hang it by the shoulders, else the fabric will stretch out in an uncanny way. When the sweater is almost dry, you can drape it over the towel bar in your bathroom so that mold does not begin to grow, producing an unpleasant, musty smell.

Never hang sweaters, instead fold them up and put them in a drawer. Use scented sachets to make them smell good.

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