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Real and Pure Zari Polishing

Zari, or wire thread made of precious metals and woven into the intricate and stunning patterns on traditional saris, has gone hi-tech.For centuries, zari was laboriously handmade and lacked any uniformity and standardization.



ZARI POLISHING is one of the commonly admired service that is provided by GUARDINI.

Your favorite saree & lehengas, that have come down family history from your grandmother to your mother and now to you, do not need to be stacked back under the boxes. Guardini’s special Zari Polishing service offers you a chance to bring back the traditional wonders to life. The service offers a new fresh & crisp finish to the garment.

Some common Tips to be followed for Real & Pure Zari saree:

Wrap expensive Silk and Zari Garments in thin Cotton/ Muslin Cloth, Keep them in the Darkest Part of the Cup Board to prevent discoloration.

Store them away from dust, sunlight and moisture. Don't hang them in Hanger for Long Storage

Keep refolding every few days to avoid cracks in silk and zari garments.

On the removal of the Garment, expose it to air for fully dry and free to smell before store in it.

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