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T-Shirt-Color Depthing



Here, few simple tricks will help keep your t-shirt as white and shape as possible.

Always wash dark colors in cold water - it will prevent fading.

Use a mild detergent, preferably something made specifically for darks or blacks.

Never put black clothing in the dryer, it will only make the clothes fade quicker. Instead, hang them to dry.

Only wash when necessary, excessive washing causes fading.

Avoid kneeling or doing work on your knees while wearing dark color pants.

Also washing your dark clothing inside out will help avoid fading.

Most T-shirt manufacturers recommend washing in cold water, So if you dare challenge the label: Wash in warm water; hot water can cause shrinkage. Use the permanent-press cycle for drying.

Use fabric softener to avoid wrinkles, and remove clothes as soon as the dryer shuts off.

To keep whites whiter, don't overload the washing machine. Put in only whites―no prints or pastels

To help restore original whiteness, bring it GUARDINI and get it booked under WHITENING, which counteracts yellowing.

The life span of a T-shirt is probably not as long as you think it is―or wish it were. Once a tee goes through one, maybe two, summers, it's ready for under-sweater-only status.

GUARDINI brings the only treatment to regain the lost color of the old t-shirt. This procedure is called is COLOR DEPTHING. This particular process adds color richness to your used or worn out garments. This particular process is applicable on the cotton T-shirts, trousers, top, track suits.

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