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Tariff Card

Introducing *PREMIUM Service, to ensure top quality for your precious branded garments, we use specialized cleaning treatments & customised premium packing.

For tariff please contact customer care number

Gurgaon : 9899122444 / 8130393800

Delhi : 9350176888 / 8130396491

Noida Tel :8130396491 / 9871262255

48 hr. services: next day 50% Extra charge is applicable on items depending upon the Condition or type of the item

Our intelligent eco-friendly drycleaning system is based on the principal of Dry -to - Dry Cleaning. This smell- free process uses special perc cleaning liquid and softner to give a fresh look. The Procedure is followed with italian steam press and suitable packinging as per the requirments

We are proud to provide the highest quality care for all your valued brands.

*These brands are used For Reference only